2018 is a milestone in the history of the formation and development of Paper Color. It marks the 4-year journey that seems neither long nor short since its inception. Conceived and cherished from a simple idea to achieve an certain position in the pop-up card industry as we can see today, Paper Color has gone through a long time with many ups and downs.

So far, the company has taken a big step into the international market and became a prestigious supplier that received warmly by customers from around the world with major markets such as EU, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan... And to match quickly the rigorous demands of customers from all over the world, The company has boldly invested a new, spacious factory equipped with modern machinery with the capacity of 40,000 products per month.

The new factory is located in Vinh Loc Industrial Park. - A location is not far from the city center with convenient transportation that can be easily connected with the head office. Relocating into the Industrial Park Complex represents the growth of Paper Color as well as the consciousness of Paper Color in creating a working environment that meets international standards of occupational safety and health for employees.

Currently, there are nearly 60 employees working in the factory. Everyone here works, lives and bonds harmoniously together as a true family. With a good remunerative policy and high welfare, company has bring out the job opportunities for many people, including intellectual and manual labour. Hereby, the company achieves the thing what the board always want is that bringing good values to life.

Paper Color is also planning to expand its production capacity up to 60,000 products a month by 2020 to meet the growing market demand for this unique and meaningful pop up card. If you have the opportunity to come to Vietnam, let's visit us to have the practical feels and interesting experiences at the origin of the beautiful cards that you hold in your hand.

Paper Color

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