Author June 01, 2018

How to write a perfect and thoughtful thank you card?

Writing a sincere thank you card is one of the professional skills that will help you create a lasting impression on others. Everyone likes to be praised and one of Dale Carnegie's founding principles is "Honor, appreciate others’. So, what is the secret to writing a perfect thank you card?...
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Author May 31, 2018

Paper Color - Four years, a journey.

2018 is a milestone in the history of the formation and development of Paper Color. It marks the 4-year journey that seems neither long nor short since its inception. Conceived and cherished from a simple idea to achieve an certain position in the pop-up card industry as we can see to...
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Author March 17, 2018

Enrich your soul with 3d pop up cards

Often people find the need to move far away from their home, whether they move from a rural home to a large city, or they move away to another country, for working, studying, living or other reasons....
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