Writing a sincere thank you card is one of the professional skills that will help you create a lasting impression on others. Everyone likes to be praised and one of Dale Carnegie's founding principles is "Honor, appreciate others’. If you want to write a thank you note, just use a small, clean and clear card. However, the card is not as important as the heart, so a thank you card written by yourself is always more valuable than a printed one. Moreover, the lines of handwritten thanks will make the recipients feel your sincerity. So, what is the secret to writing a perfect thank you card?

Choose a suitable card for the recipients

Firstly, you have to make sure that the card fits the personality and interests of the person you would like to thank. Finding a card that fits your preferences does not mean that the recipients will like it too. So let the recipients see that you are not only sincere in every line of word, but also careful and considerate when choosing cards for them. Besides, this will make the recipients feel like the card is only for themselves.

And there is another interesting tip in choosing thank you card that we want to reveal to you. Instead of using a card just to write thank you note, why don’t you turn it into a unique thank you gift as well? It’s so convenient, right? Actually this way is very simple, you just need to gift the recipients a thank you pop-up card according to the theme they like, such as flower, animal, sport and so on. We are sure that is enough to make them extremely surprise whey opening the card.

Choose a suitable time

Picking the right time to send thank you cards is absolutely necessary. If you want to send a thank-you card to someone after an event, a meeting, make sure the card comes to them within one or two days. This little notice will make them remember you and know that you appreciate the opportunity to meet them. And of course they will be really willing to meet you in the next time.

Show your thoughtfulness

Finally, when writing a thank you card, don’t forget to clearly indicate what you are thankful for. Maybe, this card thanks for a gift, a meeting or a kind gesture. Do not say too general because this will make the person who receives the card feel "maybe you just want to get things done". Think carefully before you put your pen down to make words on the card, and although this may take your time but at least that's what you can do with the person who treated you well, right?

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